Then and Now Series

Then and Now Series is a new addition to the Journeys Through Grief website. Former contributors – bereaved parents, spouses, siblings, and others – will share life lessons they learned, who helped them along the way, what means – support groups, reading, crafts and so on – played a role in helping them during the struggles of coping with a loved one’s death.

With each new Then and Now story, the original article will be presented first so that you, the reader, can understand the struggles and the life changes that have taken place in the author. This correlation is meant to explain the growth that must take place during a grief journey. Staying “stuck in grief” is never healthy for either the griever or those who love them.

It is my intention with the Then and Now series that those who grieve will find comfort and help in your journey. As a bereaved parent, I know how walking alone on the journey should never be an option. Please feel free to contact me for help.

With comforting HUGS
Peggy Sweeney, editor
Journeys Through Grief

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