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The HUGS Program

How to Understand Grief Seminars

How to Understand Grief Seminars, easily remembered as HUGS, is an educational program about grief. Peggy Sweeney will conduct an informative 1 ½- to 2-hour interactive program as well as provide various printed materials including a booklist and articles she has written about coping with grief and loss. The audience is encouraged to ask questions or share their struggles that others may realize they are not alone in their grief. No stranger to grief, Peggy is a bereaved mother and has grieved the death of a much-loved family member following his suicide.

This one-of-a-kind seminar is available to churches and charitable outreach organizations as well as businesses, large or small. It is an opportunity to provide help for adults, adolescents, and teens who are coping with grief or traumatic events. Some of the key objectives include:
~~ Define grief and state common causes of grief
~~ Describe the grief process including grief reactions and the factors affecting them
~~ Explain coping skills and/or strategies for resolving grief issues
~~ Identify ways to assist those who are bereaved
~~ Explain special considerations when helping bereaved parents or children

You may download a HUGS  brochure which outlines the program in detail. For more information or to schedue a HUGS program,contact Peggy Sweeney by phone at (830) 377-7389 or EMAIL

“Peggy’s presentation was both dynamic and down to earth. The information about the physical, psychological and social aftermath of a death experience were right on target and she related very well to the audience”.
Bob Kaul, former pastor
Immanual Lutheran Church
Comfort, TX

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