Healing Grief, The Road Less Traveled

Listening Is An Act of Love

by Beth Rotondo

Beth RotondoIn grief, the heart is traumatized.  Everything it knew for sure is thrown up in the air, unanchored, grasping for familiarity.  The mind is also traumatized.  It looks for answers, for sureness, for the past, for right and wrong.  This confusing and tumultuous time is what people who are grieving experience moment by moment, day by day, week by week, month by month.  It is exhausting, constantly changing, overwhelming and frightening.  This may seem “dramatic” to someone who hasn’t experienced a significant loss.  Many people find it strange that the griever is “still” grieving after all this time, and the griever may feel those same feelings.   People want to help and there are various ways to do that.  One of the simplest and most profound ways is listening. Continue reading “Listening Is An Act of Love”