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1…2…3…4…5…6… (military widow)

by Taryn Davis, Executive Director
American Widow Project

6 boxes are all that is left of my husband. One filled with his socks, another with his uniforms, and another with every card or photo he had received. Three more contain his books, sheets, and other military effects.

I remember when the boxes arrived, I sat there so anxious to see what was left of my baby. Opening each one I had no clue what I would see. Cautiously, I lifted the lids of the hard black containers. Continue reading “1…2…3…4…5…6… (military widow)”

Military Families

The Army Goes Rolling Along

by Leigh A. Hoffman

Leigh Ann and Jaime Hoffman

Editor’s Note: Leigh wrote this very passionate article after she read the following news story.

5th Group soldier dies after shooting of wife, chase to Georgia

I had to pause for a moment and speak out about the events taking place in our military. It hurts me to my soul that our heroes are coming home and suffering in silence. It hurts me that there are people who will tell a soldier that it is a sign of weakness to seek help. It hurts me that there are families being torn apart and destroyed by the effects of multiple deployments and improper screening. I also think that I, as a military spouse, should not have to suffer through the heartache and heartbreak of sending her husband to war and then having to worry about what he is going to be like when he gets home and whether or not it would be “acceptable” for him to seek help. I think it is like the thought we have when we say our goodbyes when they deploy, like it ma

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