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When Someone Takes His Own Life

An excerpt from The Healing of Sorrow
by Norman Vincent Peale

pealeIn many ways, this seems the most tragic form of death. Certainly it can entail more shock and grief for those who are left behind than any other. And often the stigma of suicide is what rests most heavily on those left behind.

Suicide is often judged to be essentially a selfish act. Perhaps it is. But the Bible warns us not to judge, if we ourselves hope to escape judgment. And I believe this is one area where that Biblical command especially should be heeded. Continue reading “When Someone Takes His Own Life”

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Patch Adams: The Death of a Comic

by Peggy Sweeney
The Sweeney Alliance
I fell in love with Robin Williams during the movie, Patch Adams. I disliked Philip Seymour Hoffman in the same movie. Over time, I came to find both actors on an even par, I loved them equally. Now they are both dead.

Depression is an evil demon that reaches into the core of someone, be they Robin, Philip or the thousands of men, women and teenagers who die by suicide each year. I had a brother-in-law take his own life. I have read story after story after story of brave men and women in the armed services and those who serve their communities as police and correctional officers, firefighters/EMS and 911 dispatchers who fought the same demon again and again, but lost the battle. Continue reading “Patch Adams: The Death of a Comic”