Share the Love (a parent’s suicide)

by Courtney Ehler

courtney-and-john_1Christmas was always a bright, nostalgic time for my immediate family. It was a time of togetherness to enjoy simple pleasures of family tradition. We kept things predictable, which was half the charm. Dad would always put up the Christmas tree, mom always dressed the turkey, and the kids would help out respectively. We lounged around and watched movies, “caught up” with each other, and joked around.

My immediate family consisted of my parents, two older brothers, and myself. As my brothers and I grew and went off to college to start new lives, we continued to maintain the tradition of coming back home for Christmas. I looked forward to it. I counted on Christmas with the family. It was always there before, and as a young adult, continued to believe it would always be together.

That togetherness was broken in 2006; the year my dad decided to take his own life. Continue reading “Share the Love (a parent’s suicide)”