Bereaved Parents, vehicle accident

A Remembrance To My Friend

by Sandy Fox

Sandy Fox
Sandy Fox

You always think your story of your child’s death is the worst…until you read about the next child or children who died for whatever reason, whatever age. You hear about them through the Internet, through the TV and through books. Whether it is an accident, an illness or some other cause of death, there is always a story, unparalleled in its riveting emotions. Continue reading “A Remembrance To My Friend”

Bereaved Parents, no surviving children, vehicle accident

Preventing Others From Forgetting Our Child

by Sandy Fox

sandyfox 175X219My deepest fear: that my precious daughter will be forgotten over time. Surely, that is understandable coming from a mother’s point of view. As time passes, others begin to continue with their lives, and I want to shout, “But what about my child? She lived too. She would not want to be forgotten”. And I would not want her to be forgotten, ever. Continue reading “Preventing Others From Forgetting Our Child”

Bereaved Parents, vehicle accident

This Promise Always, I’ll Be There (child accident)

by Ruth Stoecker

No words can quell the stroke of grief
No sentence spoke will bring relief
So helpless now I long to take
But half your pain, it mine I’d make
To spell you briefly from this storm
To offer solace safe and warm
Oh Lord touch me that I may lend
Some comfort to my dearest friend
My heart pours out, yet what to do
My thoughts, my love, my prayers with you
In sorrows turmoil, small peace
I’ll share This promise always, I’ll be there.
by Jaden Ross Heil Continue reading “This Promise Always, I’ll Be There (child accident)”

Bereaved Parents, teen death, vehicle accident

Learning to Dance in the Rain (child ATV accident)

by Jennifer Scalise

Brooke Scalise
August 4, 1996 – July 12, 2009

The loss of a child is beyond comprehension for those who have not experienced it; no words can adequately describe the pain and agony that tears through your body. Most parents consider the possible death of their child as worst fate imaginable; however, unless they are faced with the unfortunate circumstances personally, it is impossible to fully understand. Outside of those who have experienced it, many have no idea how common loss of a child actually is. Before losing my daughter, I was completely unaware of the vast number of bereaved parents all around me—from my own backyard to the opposite side of the world—each one searching for the strength and inspiration to cope.

I recall over thirty years ago when my aunt and uncle were expecting their first baby. Our entire family was delighted. Sadly, in the third trimester, my aunt miscarried—I was devastated. It made me sad to envision their home filled with shower gifts for a baby that would never be. They went on to have another child shortly thereafter, but tragedy struck again when he was born prematurely and lived to be only one day old. Once again, our entire family grieved. Continue reading “Learning to Dance in the Rain (child ATV accident)”