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I Had a Dream

I Had a Dream
by Donna Fields

Sharin Childress
Sharin Childress

On Monday, February 23, 2015, as Sharin Childress drifted off into a deep sleep, she was having a dream of dreams. She was at the Orange County Beach standing by the shore where she stirred the darkest waves. As she reached for that far tide with its powerful sweep, Sharin buried her troubles in the shore where no mortal could see. Sharin began to pray, humbly making her supplications known. While making her supplications known, she began to imagine Heaven and what it would be like.

Sharin began to walk along the shore. As she walked the shore, she noticed a set of footprints in the sand. She followed the path. The footprints led her to the end of the Orange County Beach. Upon reaching the end of the shore, Sharin saw a Fisherman. He was gathering fish from the shore.

While trying to picture in her mind where she had seen this man before, the Fisherman interrupted her train of thoughts, by approaching and greeting her with a warm embrace. “I have been waiting on your arrival,” he said. “While waiting, I decided to gather some fish for supper. Come, and supper with me. Let’s break bread together”. Sharin smiled and accepted the Fisherman’s kind invitation.

As they broke bread together, Sharin made her supplications known once again. “Do you ever wonder if God hears our cry, our supplications that we bring before the altar, our heavy-laden that we lie before him?” The Fisherman nodded as a way of answering. Sharin went on to say, “To the true and the faithful victory is promised. I have held firm to the Gospel of Christ, ‘I have fought a good fight’. At first, my desire was for Christ to magnify my body with a long and fruitful life, but I have grown weary and very tired; therefore, I feel it is far better for me to depart from this body by choosing ‘Death over Life’”.

The tears began to roll down her cheeks and she let the tears flow as they might. With the hem of his garment, the Fisherman wiped the tears from her watery eyes. As he reached for her watery cheeks, Sharin noticed that he had holes in the palms of his hands. At that moment, Sharin suddenly realized that this wasn’t an ordinary man. She realized that she had just broke bread with her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. A peace came over her that passed all understanding. Sharin thought to herself that this is just a dream of dreams or perhaps an hallucination.

As Sharin wrestled with her thoughts, God’s glory began to shine upon her and the Lord began to speak. “The angels in Heaven have signed your name in the Lambs Book of Life, our Father has prepared a place for you”. While speaking, he placed a crown of glory upon her head and an ornament of grace around her neck. “For your faithfulness and your many sacrifices, come and walk with me and I will give you rest”.

Sharin took his hand. While walking and talking with the Lord, the waters by the shore began to depart like the red sea and Sharin heard an auburn sound. While listening very attentively, suddenly she saw something extraordinary. It was a train, and it was moving fast and coming from afar.

The color was a beautiful sapphire blue, the rims were trimmed in gold, and the headlights beamed with rays of light. As the train drew closer, Sharin thought to herself that this was a dream of dreams or perhaps a hallucination. When the train pulled up, the conductor stepped off he train, tilted his hat, and as he handed Sharin her ticket, he said with a huge grin on his face, “Good morning, Sharin”.

Sharin took a few steps back. She looked at the Lord, then back at the conductor of the train. She began to shout and do a happy dance because she realized that the conductor was our little brother, Anthony. Sharin wrapped her arms around him and she held on tight. She looked back at the Lord and said, “Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus”. She ran over and gave the Lord a warm embrace. They finally boarded the train. As she took her seat, Sharin said, “Let’s ride, Clyde”. Anthony replied with, “Let’s Get it On!” Sharin shouted, “Blue Boy, blow your horn and let freedom ring”.

Let freedom ring over Orange County shores
Let freedom ring over the hills and mountains of Phoenix, Arizona
Let freedom ring where every valley has been made low
Let freedom ring every where I labored, loved, laughed, cried
Let freedom ring…

As the whistle began to blow, and as the train pulled away from the Orange County shore Sharin let out a long sigh of relief, the tears began to roll down her cheeks and as always she let the water flow as it may, she closed her eyes and began to reflect, relate, release, I do not feel guilty nor ashamed for wanting to be free, I am free, I am free, I am free…..

In Loving Memory of my darling Sister, Sharin Dalphine Childress
Sunrise: 07/27/1959 – Sunset: 02/23/2015

Copyright. Donna Fields 04/03/15