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Give Thanks!

by Chris Christopherson

Arlyne and Chris Christopherson

While Corrie Ten Boom was living in a German concentration camp, her entire body became infested with lice, making a bad situation worse. She was complaining about it one day, and her sister reminded her of the Bible verse that says “In everything give thanks,” and she challenged Corrie to give thanks for the lice. Corrie’s response was “How can I give thanks to God for lice?” But she made a choice to offer thanks for the lice anyway. Later, she found out that the lice had actually protected her from the assaults of the German soldiers.

Give thanks! For some of you this is a hard thing to do this time of the year. The losing of a loved one is hard enough the rest of the year, but in the holidays it seems to make it worse. I remember my own mothers passing. She fell ill in June and then died on December 2nd. She had always been the Thanksgiving and Christmas house for the family. How could God do this to us?

As we gathered that first Christmas, it was a solemn mood. My brother told of a funny incident that had taken place several years before and then we remembered others. Then I thought how thankful I was that she had been with us for so many years. The following year we decided to have Christmas with someone who had no one to have Christmas with. With the help of our church, we found a widow that had no family near and would have had Christmas alone. What a surprise it was to realize that there is great joy in celebrating with someone who has no one.

Let me encourage you to reach out this holiday season to someone in need. Just a kind word or a visit to the nursing home. There are so many needs in our community it is difficult to know where to start, but let me encourage you to make an effort. You will be thankful you did.

About the Author: Chris Christopherson is associate pastor for pastoral care at Trinity Baptist Church in Kerrville, TX. He is married to Arlyne. They have four girls and one son who is also a pastor in Fort Worth. They have seven grandsons.