Called Home
A True Story of Overcoming Grief after Losing a Child
by John and Deborah Giles

gilesDeath seems so final, but is it really the end?

Micah was only nineteen when his Jeep was hurled off the highway only four miles from home and crashed into a cement bridge pillar nearly seventy feet below. Although he died instantly, he was missing for three days. His family and friends were left with the crushing pain of losing a friend, a son, and a good Christian brother.

John and Deborah Giles recount the dark days after Micah’s death and the very precise decisions they made that saved them from spiraling down into a pit of despair. No ‘what ifs’ and no ‘self-pity.’ In Called Home, they teach us all how to come through the most heartbreaking defeats of life and find new joy in God’s greater plan.

192 pages – $12.99 (paperback) Order here.