Bereaved Parents, Poems and Reflections

Remembering Neil

shared by Dianne Martin

snowI see and read here ‘so many’ remembrances for sons and daughters who have passed over. Our son, Neil Edward Martin, died after a fatal climbing accident on a mountain peak near our home in Revelstoke BC Canada on 5 September 2011 – our youngest of 3 sons, born 2 May 1986 – he was just 25.  His friend, Brandon, wrote this. Brandon was with him when he fell.  I cry every time I read it, the trauma that friends feel is so real I thought perhaps sharing this with other traumatized friends and parents may help. Brandon sent us this on Neil’s birthday the first year. Brandon has agreed to share this with anyone who bows to their heart with grief.


by Brandon Cameron

So unfair I don’t understand why you had to go
The emptiness so deep inside how to fill I will never know,
I embrace the thoughts the gladdest times these times I shared with you
But yet it seems the days slip by I don’t know what to do,
So much more than just a friend you were my family
There are no words that could explain just how much you did for me,
You were my rock when I was down your arms you spread so wide
Your courage soared above the clouds the gladness you could not hide,
So selfless you were with a heart of gold so compassionate and so wise
An inspiration you were to those something you could not disguise,
Neil my friend you were a legend, a legend that will not die
No one would ever think to ask or even question why,
I would give so much for just a chance to say so much to you
You left so quick so many things we didn’t get to do,
Every plan that we made every dream I will fulfill
To me these plans they mean so much almost like a unwritten will,
You warmed my heart and touched my soul that feeling will never go
I really wish I could tell you but I’m sure you already know,
I find myself talking to you each and every day
For in my heart I try to believe these words will find their way,
Deep inside I do believe you are watching over me
A guardian angel to all of us one day I hope to see,
In my heart I do believe one day we will reunite,
I can’t wait to see your smile radiate the gladdest light…