Remembering Bobby

by Taya Jo Kupsch

BobbyMy fourteen year old son, Robert Kupsch ( Bobby), died 24 February 2012 in his sleep of a heart condition we never knew he had (no signs or symptoms all his life). He was such a sweet child who served his life’s purpose in such a short time, but we are so blessed still for having those fourteen years spent with us.

Our first Christmas without my son Bobby, we still set a place for him at the Christmas table, with place card and photo. We decorated his room and his bass guitar with lights, something he loved so much doing at holiday time. We would leave little treats like chocolate and candy to remember his love for the sweet things in life. We would leave an empty decorative box under the tree and we would fill it with the things written on paper that we would love him to know and have. Our intentions of love, our gift we would have bought him.

We would take this box that was filled with little notes and love to his resting place and leave it on his gravestone, sending it straight to heaven. We are heading towards our second Christmas and I’m already thinking about my intentions and gift for him.