Poems and Reflections, The Road Less Traveled

The Best Is Yet to Come

They reluctantly gathered by the shoreline,
watching as she plunged into the stormy sea.

The waves swirling, as her frail bow dipped beneath their surface.

When suddenly, with one last gasp she turned toward the horizon,
becoming nothing more than a spec on the face of a setting sun.

Then someone with a catch in their voice, choking back tears whispered;

“There she goes.”

On a distant shore, another group anxiously gathered.

The sun was just rising, casting its reflection over the still waters.

When what first appeared as a dot on a faint skyline,
turned out to be the arrival of a beloved friend.

Those on shore began to jump and cheer, as she was just as they remembered.

Then someone with joy in their voice exclaimed;

“Here she comes.”

©2000 Richard Lawrence Belford
Inspirational Illustrations


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