Bereaved Parents, suicide

Ways We Remember Kyle

by Anita Gamel

Three years ago, I had no hint of the tragedy which was about to happen. My son, Kyle, had taken his life. A young man who loved his job, owned his own house and truck, loved his family and was a hard workerKyle had taken his own life.

Kyle was depressed and on medications and was also having relationship problems. The combination of drugs, financial difficulties, and relationship problems pushed him over the edge. I should have seen it coming; I was very close to Kyle. My child whom I carried in my womb for eight months, who was born premature and nearly died at birth, and survived all the hazards of childhood was gone just like that. The young gentleman who was so loving, kind, caring and honest was gone. I could never hold him or talk to him ever again.

After his suicide, I was beside myself with reactions of disbelief, anger, denial, blame and hate. Grief follows a different path for everyone. I know that God had a plan for him and that only by the grace of God could I get through such a tragic event in my life. My faith in God helps me accept life as it is.
After the death of my son, I also went through a divorce. My two daughters were in counseling striving to deal with their own grief and life changes.

The physical Kyle is gone, but he will always be a part of my life. With the love and support of my husband, Jerry, family and friends I will go on. Kyle is gone but never forgotten.

Ways we remember Kyle:
• Adopt a Highway which we clean four times a year; located on east 41 Kerr county line
• Sidewalk chalk event on Holdsworth Drive in Kerrville (TX)
• CSI- community service event
• SOS- survivors of suicide last Tuesday of the month at MHMR (Kerrville)
• Memorial fund at Calvary Baptist Church ~ Mission Fund