Why Am I Angry?

by Debbie Henry

After eight years, here is where I am today.

Not for myself but for my son. Angry for what he was robbed of, and for what he did not get to do.

Scott had plans, he was a self-starter, and wanted to see the world. Scott was smart and loved to learn. He was always creative and enjoyed making people laugh.

In his bio he wrote in humanities class on July 20th 2004, he made the statement that for the next eightScott and family weeks we, your students, will be your willing captives, and would also like to get to know you, On August 16, 2004, less than a month later, he was dead. He did not get to finish the weeks.

Scott was one of the smartest people I have ever known. In high school, they had to remove his grade in calculus class before setting the grade curve in order for the rest of the class to pass. He worked hard for that, having dyslexia learning was not an easy thing. While the other kids were shooting baskets after school he was studying. What was all this for?

He loved his family and missed being home; he called almost every day.

He worked so very hard, only to be taken from us.

So, angry I am, hurt I am, changed I am.
A part of me will forever be in the past.
A part of me yearns for answers that will not come in this lifetime.
Nothing will ever bring him back.
For the most part I am a shell of who I used to be trying to get through each day and avoid hurting my family with my own personal pain.
For this too I am angry.

About the Author: About the Author: Both Debbie and her husband, Mark, were born and raised in Southern Indiana. They moved to Texas in 1985 to offer their sons, Scott and Mark, a better education and career opportunity. They currently live in Argyle, Texas.

Debbie has worked at Premiere Laser Centre since 2001. She and Mark are active in their local church, Cross Timbers, Argyle campus. After the loss of both Debbie’s parents and her oldest son, Scott, she had to make a decision. Should she stay angry and let it rule her life or be part of the solution.

Debbie and Mark work consistently toward changing state laws. Debbie is a member of Denton County CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) including ongoing monthly classes as well as attending storm spotter training classes. Both she and her husband are grief group facilitators at Cross Timbers Church’s Journey Toward Joy bereavement program. At this time, Debbie is considering several new areas of service.

Debbie and Mark Henry
Parents of Scott Bolton
(Tulsa Murder Victim)
Contact: 1dhenry@verizon.net

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