Poems and Reflections, The Road Less Traveled

The Trial (a poem)

by Tammy Craw Kyraa’s Mom Wish I could plug,,, My mommies ears. Things will be said,,, I do not want her to hear. Wish I could cover,,, My mommies eyes. Pictures will be shown,,, That make her cry.
Wish I could hold,,, My mommies hand. While she listens to,,, The witnesses on the stand. Wish my mommies,,, Already broken heart. Was not by this trial,,, Being torn apart. Wish my mommies unseen,,, Torture and hate. Would not hope for death,,, For my murderers fate. Wish my mommies knowledge,,, Of how it feels. Would remind her,,, Their mothers’ pain is too real. Wish both mommies,,, Did not have to go through. The one thing they both wished,,, They could undo. Wish my mommies life,,, After the trial ends. Somehow helps her broken heart,,, Start to mend. Wish at night when,,, My mommies asleep. Her heart is reminded,,, I am there for keeps. Written by Tammy Craw Sumner, Maine Copyright 2012