Best Mom (poem)

by Keri Singleton

Editor Note: This poem was written by a friend of Nneka Hall in memory of her daughter, Annaya, who was stillborn on August 27, 2010 at 37 weeks on Nneka’s 37th birthday.

Tiny footprints, in the sand
Fingernails on a tiny hand
Small heartbeats with lots of love
Wings spread wide, like a dove
Sit back, close your eyes, hear her –

She’s whispering that she’s okay
And saying that you’ll meet again –
another day

Sun-dried smiles, in the sky
A quick hello with a long goodbye
It hurts, I know, but remember this
She’s skipped life’s pain and gotten Bliss
I feel your Pain and know you’re Sad
But she’s watchin’ The Best Mom She –
Ever Had