Daddy Misses You

by Tom Wyatt

Johnny Wyatt

Hey little boy your daddy misses you so.
Every day I ask God why you had to go.

I know I should stop asking, I’ll never
Know why;
I guess so me times even little boys get
Hurt and die.

The touch of your hand, the sound of
Your voice;
I’d gladly given my life if I had had
A choice.

But I didn’t have that option, it wasn’t
Given to me;
Now my heart is breaking, as hell its
Come to be.

People don’t know what to say, some offer
I understand and smile, they’re just
Being nice.

I just feel so cheated that you were
Taken away;
Daddy misses you baby, what else can
I say?

Tom Wyatt
Father of Johnny
July 1991