Save a Child

by Brother Thomas Jeffers

thomas-jeffers_2When we see a child walking down the street or playing in the park, do we ever stop to wonder what his or her life is like? Do you know that many of the children today don’t have the closeness of a family like we did in days gone by? Many of the children are from broken homes. Most of them have both parents working more hours than they spend at home with their children. I have noticed that with today’s children their heroes are singers. When they are asked who their heroes are they will list mostly rap singers. We grew up with Roy Rogers, John Wayne, and many more men that stood for justice. They made wrong things right. I believe it gave us a sense of hope; when things were going wrong we always knew it was going to be all right in the end. But the kids of today do not have those heroes; they have not seen justice being served. They see only the wicked overcoming the poor and down and out.

Their homes have been broken and they find no place to go to get relief from the burden that literally destroys them from the inside out. Divorce, for these children, is another source of child abuse but it does all the damage mentally. I believe it leaves most children in a state of hopelessness. They lose a loved one and the pain never goes away because they have no hope of life after death. Everyone in their life is so busy and no one has the time to sit and talk with them and talk them through their problems. Problems end up being pushed down deep inside them only to fester and never go away. Teen suicide is at an all time high because these kids have no hope. We are their only way out. I believe for us to sit and do nothing is to be as guilty as those that harm the children. Look around, see where you can reach out and touch a kid. You could save a life.

About the Author: Brother Thomas Jeffers was born and raised in the Hill Country. Kerrville is his hometown. At the age of thirty, he gave his heart and life to Jesus Christ. When he was thirty-eight, he surrendered into the ministry. He has been pastor of London Baptist Church twice; for a total of eight years. He has been at Living Tree Baptist Church since July 1, 2007. Between the first and second pastorates at London Baptist Church, God opened the door for him to do street ministry. He worked with a band singing and preaching in the city parks throughout the Hill Country. God further opened the door for them to minister to the homeless in Dallas. His greatest passion is reaching out to children and showing them there is hope no matter how big the storm.