Journeys Through Grief is a safe, warm, relaxing place where you can find a wealth of information. It’s not all about sadness and grief.

My dad was a well-educated man and believed in the importance of reading, as well as expressing yourself through writing. Reading affords you the chance to travel anywhere in the world and beyond, and to learn about all sorts of things. I am so glad that retirement is providing more time for me to devote to writing and expanding my websites and newsletters so that others can learn through my sharing of information.

I am pleased to provide a complete series of bereavement services including articles and resources for bereaved parents and spouses/partners as well as programs about grief and loss. The Journeys Through Grief website is another way that I can help families in crisis. We will explore the many facets of grief, the reasons that we grieve, our reactions to loss and trauma as well as healing our pain. We will discuss a broad range of topics that can debilitate the human spirit and prevent us from enjoying life to the fullest.

The Journeys Through Grief website features book reviews, websites of interest, and articles on loss and grief. Guest columnists will share valuable information on a variety of topics. My hope is that the articles and resources will bring comfort and healing as you journey through grief.

The Bereaved Parents publication is for grieving moms and dads, surviving siblings, their families and loved ones and friends who struggle with helping them cope.

The Grieving Behind the Badge newsletter features information for emergency service personnel, law enforcement and correctional officers, 911 dispatchers, their families, ER staff, mental health professionals and department chaplains.

The Road Less Traveled newsletter offers a variety of topics and information. I have had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people from various walks of life who have experienced an array of events, both traumatic and life-changing. Through their words, we can learn more about healing grief, educating ourselves about the world and the special people in it, and growing in positive ways through our journeys whatever they may be.

If this is your first time visiting Journeys Through Grief, I welcome you. I invite you to peruse the site and meet some of our authors. If you find some helpful information that a friend or family member may benefit from, please pass the links along. So you do not miss a single post, be sure to Join Our Mailing list. Furthermore, I am always looking for remarkable books, educational websites, and blogs on the topics we support as well as people who would like to share their expertise or their personal stories. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to recommend something or are interested in writing an article.

I continue to follow in my dad’s footsteps: reading and writing to expand knowledge and learn. I wish each of you much love and many hugs.
Peggy Sweeney, Editor

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