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Angel Whispers (multiple neo-natal deaths)

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by Linda-Ann Huot

My name is Lori-Ann. I am the co-founder and program coordinator for the Angel Whispers Baby Loss Support Program. My journey with baby loss began in September 1998 when my husband Rene and I lost our baby Loren to a partial molar pregnancy. We had a 2-year-old daughter at the time and I had never imagined that my second pregnancy would have ended so terribly!

Losing Loren devastated us and I wanted desperately to connect with others who understood. I found a support group that gave me the opportunity to connect with other parents who were walking the same journey I was. After attending meetings for several months, I began facilitating meetings. During my involvement with this program, we went on to have two more daughters.

Throughout these few years as a facilitator, I met two other moms who I connected well with and our philosophies for supporting families through a loss were so similar that we decided to create our own baby loss support program. We founded Angel Whispers in 2002.

Around the same time, much to our surprise, my husband and I discovered we were pregnant again! From the start, I had serious complications and it was during one of my early ultrasounds we discovered we were expecting twins. I continued to experience complications and heavy bleeding for 20 weeks of my pregnancy. One of our twins, Brooklynn, couldn’t survive the bleeding and passed away.

Our surviving twin, Sydney, was a fighter from the start. Despite making a very early entrance into this world, she has been a blessing to our family. I truly do believe that everything in life happens for a reason and reflect on our experience in losing Loren & Brooklynn. I feel that their losses were not in vain and that it was through their losses that I have followed this path in life with Angel Whispers, a path I would have otherwise not chosen. I feel passionate about walking with families through their losses – if I can make the difference for one family then Loren & Brooklynn’s purpose in my life has been fulfilled.

The Angel Whispers baby loss support program has now been running for 10 years and during that time, we have been able to provide support to hundreds of families. We are a non-funded program and rely on individual donations, the annual Madison Memorial Golf Tournament and grants to sustain our services.
Angel Whispers provides:

• Monthly Baby loss support group
• Monthly Subsequent pregnancy support group
• Healing Hands workshops
• Resource Lending Library
• Quarterly newsletter
• International care packages
• Memory box program
• One-on-one & email support
• Birth Certificate keepsakes

Lori-Ann Huot
Program Coordinator
Angel Whispers Baby Loss Support Program
(780)998-5595 ext. 225
To receive an Angel Whispers care package, EMAIL or (780) 998-5595 ext. 225

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